Funeral and burial expenses are things you just don’t like to think about. If not the expenses, then at the very least, you don’t like it because you’re saying goodbye to someone you’ve loved or cared for greatly in your lifetime. If those don’t even move the needle, then think about this: the decedent’s estate could stand to lose money because of the funeral and burial expenses. How so? Because you didn’t know that you could be reimbursed.

Indeed, reasonable funeral and burial expenses are charged against the probate and trust estate. However, you can be reimbursed by filing a creditor claim. A creditor claim is a claim that is required to be filed in writing, and in proper form by someone who is owed money by a person who has passed away. A notice of the need to file the creditor’s claims in the estates of a decedent needs to be printed in a legal ad. By doing this, this gives creditors notice of the death, which in turn gives them only a few months to file the claim. It must be in a form that’s approved by the courts.


By filing the creditor claim, you’ll be able to successfully recoup the expenses. However, the process in filing the claim is very specific. Unfortunately, if you improperly file a creditor claim, you stand to lose all reimbursement on the funeral and burial expenses. Doing this alone is tough. That’s why you need a probate attorney on your side. Who better to have than The Probate Pro? From start to finish of the probate process, we will help you every step of the way. In this time of transition, our attorneys and support staff are here to help you during this time. If you need funeral and burial expenses covered, as well as a reliable probate attorney, give The Probate Pro a call today at (877)-YOUR-FIRM.