One of the most emotionally tolling processes in probate is the guardianship process. The goal is for the court to enter an order which makes you or someone else a guardian. In order to do this though, you’ll need to file a petition. What you’ll need to file as part of the petition is a “Letters of Guardianship” form which the court approves of.

If you need to obtain a copy of the Letters of Guardianship form, print out this pdf file. It will have all the required pages and spaces for information. The spaces require you to fill in information that is important and related to the guardianship.

The first part you will need to fill in is the line stating “In the matter of.” Simply put, the court is asking the name of the individual in need of a guardianship. Once you fill that out, you’ll need to then fill out the boxes which ask for the name, address and phone number of the guardian.

After filling out the contact information, you must inform how you were appointed as guardian. There are two check boxes, one in case if appointment was done by will or other witnessed writing, and the other in case the appointment was made by the court. Next to that, you need to write down the status of the guardianship. Is it full or temporary?

Once that’s filled out, you need to let the court know how much authority you have. It could be complete control or limited control. With that filled, you’ll need to have the date of when the guardianship expires. Below this are a date and judge signature line, which are to be handled by the judge. Sometimes below the signature line of the judge is a seal to make the document more authentic.

Now with that filled out, it’s time to put in information on the attorney representing the guardian. The attorney’s name, address, phone number and bar number are required. With all of this information filled out, you just need to get the signature of the Deputy probate register.

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