This is a list of the most common Michigan probate filing fees. The Probate Pro has created this list with a useful link to videos to provide basic information. Also, The Probate Pro provides a useful link to the Michigan forms.

As you can imagine, the listed probate filing fees may change at any time. So, please use all of this information as a rough estimate. It is not a definitive source for the filing fees.

If you need help with understanding the meaning of the basic probate terms, The Probate Pro has created a Glossary that provides simple, basic definitions of words commonly used in probate.

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Probate Filing Fees

Type of Matter Michigan Filing Fee Video Forms
Guardianship Petition - Adults $175.00
Guardianship Petition - Minors $175.00
Guardianship - Developmental Disability No Fee
Conservatorship Petitions $175.00
Protective Order $175.00
Deceased Probate Estate $175.00 (plus inventory fee)
Petition to Reopen $150.00
Petition for Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment No Fee
Supervision of Trust Petitioner $175.00
Small Estate Petition $25.00 (plus inventory fee) plus $12.00 certification fee
Will filed for Safekeeping $25.00
Registration of Trusts $25.00
Subsequent Petitions, Motions, Objections $20.00
Accounts $20.00
Statement and Proofs of Claim $20.00
Letters of Authority for Personal Representative $12.00
Letters of Guardianship (Adult and Minor) $12.00
Letters of Guardianship of Developmental Disability $12.00
Letters of Conservatorship $12.00
Order of Discharge $11.00
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