When acting as a fiduciary, the court will need proof. Thus, a Fiduciary Proof of Identity form was created. The Fiduciary Proof of Identity form is something that requires basic information that one should have readily available to them. With this form filled out, you have the proof that you serve in a capacity for someone as a fiduciary.

The Proof of Fiduciary form is a State Court Administrative Office form. If you need this form or any other probate court forms, please reach out to us. We will be happy to provide you with this document and any other necessary probate court documents.

Most of these State Court Administrative Office forms are associated with Michigan Court Rules and statutes. This however, is different in that there are no statutes which this form is pursuant to. The reason is because this is an informational form that is confirming one’s identity and role as the fiduciary. Nevertheless, this is still a very important form that will need to be filled out, should one wish to become a fiduciary.

Despite there not being any statutes that this form is pursuant to, it is a very important form. As we do with all of the probate court forms, we provide a video overview on the form itself and how to fill it out. Darren Findling of The Probate Pro breaks down the Proof of Fiduciary form in this video below.

Like Darren, we’re ready to help you understand all things related to probate. So, if you have any probate related questions, don’t hesitate to give The Probate Pro a call today at (833) PROBATE. Our legal family is ready to help you.