It seems like that with each passing day, we learn about a celebrity or famous figure who died without a will. Is it a big deal? The answer depends on the circumstances. When creating an estate plan, you’ll be able to control how you want your affairs and life’s assets to be taken care of. All thanks to a single piece of paper. Indeed, it’s much better for you to dictate how your affairs and assets are taken care of than the government.

An estate plan is broad, as it encompasses several things. These things include a will, a trust, powers of attorney, maybe a deed as well. Having this estate plan written will allow you to control the assets and affairs of your life the way you want it. Why let someone else dictate where your stuff goes? It doesn’t make a lot of sense if it’s all of your assets and affairs. So, what happens when someone dies without a will?

If someone dies without a will, what happens will depend on where you reside. Each state has statutes set up, which determine how the assets are handled. To illustrate, attorney Darren Findling goes through the importance of having an estate plan to assure everything is handled properly.

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