Celebrity deaths can often trigger a public estate battle

George Michael’s Will is being contested in England by two of his former partners, Kenny Goss, who he was with for 15 years, and Fadi Fawaz his partner of 5 years. George died back in December 2016, unfortunately. It is not uncommon for it to take years to close an estate, especially in a situation where the will is being contested. George’s will has not yet been publicly released as the family is fighting for the will to remain sealed, but it’s been speculated that the will leaves the fortune to his sisters and that both former lovers were left out of his will.

George Michael left behind a $184 million estate including multiple properties. The size of the estate leaves much to fight over and therefore begs to be contested by those close to the star. Will the sisters win out in court, or will the ex-lovers get a piece of the pie? This will all have to be decided in probate court.

Need a probate lawyer for an estate battle

If you have a similar situation, you need probate litigators that will fight for you. Do you think that the will of a loved one does not truly represent their interests? You may be able to contest it in probate court, but of course, there are timelines for everything. After a specified period, the will can no longer be contested. You need an experienced probate litigator on your side to help you through the process! We can help! The Probate Pro has an experienced team of professionals here to help you!

Even better, perhaps you would like your family to avoid this battle. Don’t forget we can also draft a trust for you and help you fund it during your lifetime! Had George properly drafted and funded a trust then any contest could have been avoided by making specific provisions in a detailed estate plan.  We are your one-stop shop for all things probate.

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