Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has proposed legislation that would change how guardianships work in the State of Michigan. The proposal comes in light of a recent court ruling where a guardian was appointed to an individual at the detriment of the family. Sometimes, guardians of an individual don’t have to be family members. The guardian could be anyone who can display competence in managing another individual’s life. A guardian makes important life decisions for the individual, such as where the person lives, if there needs to be something added or changed on a property or vehicle to accommodate the individual.

With that said though, it’s not always the case that the guardian outside of the family is looking in the best interests of his or her client, as well as the family. In addition, the way things are set up in the State of Michigan, removing someone as a guardian can be difficult. Darren Findling of The Probate Pro congratulates Attorney General Nessel on this news of her proposing new legislation. The Probate Pro hopes that this legislation can make some of the processes in probate court easier, but not just for the attorneys – for the clients too.