The Probate Pro’s secret sauce is our collective commitment to build an extraordinary business, holding true to our core values, and never settling for “good.” A Core Value is a small set of essential and timeless guiding principles. It defines who we are as firm. These are the core values that we expect each and every person working at this firm, to live and breathe. Core values on a piece of poster board on our walls alone are useless. Core values that we live and breathe…priceless. Our Core Values will continue to guide us into the future aligning ourselves toward a common goal.

Core Value

Because of this, we feel obliged to tell you up front that The Probate Pro places great emphasis on TRUST. In fact, our core values are built on that single word T-R-U-S-T. Let’s examine each core value.

Thinking Creatively

We strive to wow our clients, referrers, and competition. We are a creative firm filled with creative people. We market our services with creativity. We litigate creatively.

We solve problems creatively. We ask lots of questions.

What does it mean to wow our clients, referrers, and competition?  It means executing in a way that far exceeds what others would do.

It means holding a client’s hand while they share their grief, welcoming a client into the office with warmth and making them feel immediately comfortable and it means opening an estate the next morning when others would take weeks.

We should always ask ourselves…How can we WOW…and then do it every time.

Reaching Greatness

We have had significant growth over the years.  We have experienced this growth because of an unending desire and willingness to grow both professionally and personally.  Life is not static…it is dynamic. So too is this firm.  We value people that constantly yearn for a better way to function, a novel approach to an old problem, and a craving to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Upholding Commitments

We take our promises seriously. What does it mean to uphold commitments?

It means to be polite, act with integrity, return phone calls, meet deadlines, and over deliver to the promises we have made.

Solving Complex Problems

We work diligently until our clients’ problems are resolved. Diligence is the mother of good luck. We strive to outperform the competition by working harder and smarter. We love challenging cases and take pride in fixing problems other firms cannot. At times we will face more intelligent lawyers, we will encounter clients whose case is not as strong as our opponents, and we will face judges that are indifferent. Still, we must always outperform our competition. We must beat our opponents that try to skate by…We must out-think, out-work, and outperform.

Telling It Like It Is

We communicate openly, honestly, and compassionately, litigate with integrity, and speak the truth. Integrity is a necessary foundation of any well respected organization.  In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions. It is a requirement to play ball.


We are fortunate today that our business is healthy, thriving, and we are executing a level that we could have only dreamed of a few years ago.

Our legal team, living and breathing our core values, is prepared to help you.

Give The Probate Pro a call today at 1(833) PROBATE.