The Probate Pro on the estate of Cornelius Fredericks

Last month, news broke that the family of the late Cornelius Fredericks is suing Lakeside Academy and Sequel Youth and Family Services - the company that provided staff members to Lakeside Academy - citing negligence. The personal representative for the estate, Tenia Goshay, is represented by The Probate Pro. On April 29, Cornelius, under the [...]

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The Probate Pro Earns Award from Law Firm 500

The Probate Pro has been named as one of Law Firm 500’s Fastest Growing Law Firms in the United States for 2019. This is the third consecutive year The Probate Pro has received the prestigious award. In the state of Michigan, only two law firms were part of this year’s list. The Law Firm 500 [...]

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Amy Peterman Appointed as Director of Legal Services

The Probate Pro, PLC announces the appointment of Attorney Amy Peterman as the Director of Legal Services. Effective immediately, Peterman will oversee the strategic growth and development of The Probate Pro’s legal team, among other things. “When we were looking to hire our Director of Legal Services, we searched for someone who had a specialized [...]

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Why do Lawyers Talk so Funny? We Keep it Simple.

In our professions, we likely have industry-specific terms. For example, in marketing, you may be familiar with the acronym "SEO," which stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a [...]

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Livingston County Probate Court

The Probate Pro has the great privilege of appearing before probate courts throughout the state of Michigan.  Livingston County Probate Court is one of the most responsive courts to practice in. This court has experienced and knowledgeable judges that understand probate law. They are staffed by friendly and experienced personnel. Fun Facts about Livingston County [...]

How to Avoid A Probate Surprise

Surprises are indeed, surprising. They come out of nowhere and when you don't expect it. Sometimes it can be a good surprise, such as a surprise birthday party or surprise baby announcement. Other times, it can be neither good or bad, such as a surprise test or a surprise baby announcement. When it comes to [...]

Orlando, FL Attorney Job Opening

The Probate Pro is expanding to the state of Florida, and we're looking to add onto our team! The Probate Pro is seeking out a probate attorney based in Orlando. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply and read the description below to further understand the requirements, job prerequisites and perks of joining our team. This [...]

Top Reasons to choose The Probate Pro in 2019

When hiring a probate attorney in Detroit Michigan, you need to take into account some things that maybe go under the radar. Of course you want to have a lawyer who can help you accomplish what you’re seeking them to do for you. That’s a given with any lawyer though. Every lawyer wants to win, [...]

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How are Bourbon and The Probate Pro alike? They Stand Out.

Think about a time where you've had a drink that you loved. The taste, the feeling of it splashing around your tongue, your taste buds absorbing all of that flavor. It doesn't matter if it's bourbon, whiskey, rye, beer, or even something non-alcoholic. All that matters is that this drink stands out from the rest. [...]

Communication is Key at The Probate Pro

Throughout time, our world has found ways to improve methods of communication. Think about all the way back to when the telegraph was the most optimal form of communication. Now think about where we are today with smartphones which can send text messages from one pole of the world to the other. The ways in [...]

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