Demand for Professional Guardians and Conservators is on the Rise

As the Baby-Boomer generation ages, many of them do not have someone in their lives to act as a guardian or conservator if the need arises. Que the professionals! In these types of cases, it is not uncommon for attorneys or social workers to be appointed for these roles, although a professional guardian can be [...]

Andrew Lorelli: A New Addition to The Probate Pro Team

We are bringing in new talent all the time! Andrew Lorelli, who started at The Probate Pro in November, comes to us as an experienced attorney. He has put in time working in criminal defense, no-fault insurance defense, family law, general civil litigation and unclaimed asset recovery, but he says that probate is his true [...]

Ugh! Habeas Corpus in Probate

My firm was retained to represent a guardian and conservator of an out of state matter in which the ward was placed by the fiduciary in a rehabilitation facility in Michigan.  A non-family member, allegedly on behalf of the ward, filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus seeking to release him from the facility. Habeas Corpus [...]