Petition for Supervised Administration

During the probate process, there may be a desire for there to be supervised administration. This could have been part of the will, or it could be petitioned for the best interest of all interested persons. Regardless of the situation, a petition will need to be entered with the court. The form you will need [...]

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Petition and Order to Change Venue

When someone passes away, the county in which they resided in is where the probate process will take place. However, there are special circumstances in which the county in which the probate process occurs can be changed. The reason for this change would be to make things more convenient for all interested parties. Perhaps the [...]

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Selection of Homestead Allowance and Exempt Property

When someone passes away, their assets are to be distributed. It doesn’t matter if it’s testate or intestate, monetary or physical assets. Everything associated with the estate will be properly distributed. In addition, creditors will be able to make claims on the decedent’s estate. However, a surviving spouse and his or her children are entitled [...]

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Receipt of Property from Conservator

An individual who was under a conservatorship has passed away. The conservator will need to do something with the assets he or she has control of and turn them over. Because of the transition of estates (going from conservatorship to a deceased estate), the personal representative will want to have the Receipt of Property from [...]

Petition and Order for Assignment

There’s money in an account that you would like to get. However, you also want to avoid going through the entire probate process. How can this be accomplished? With the Petition and Order for Assignment, you would be able to start the process of acquiring that money without the need to enter full probate. The [...]

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Order Regarding Sale of Real Estate Decedent Estate

Sometimes there comes a situation where the personal representative will want to sell real estate that’s part of a decedent estate. To do this, the personal representative will need to gain adjudication from the probate court judge through an order. This order is known as the Order Regarding Sale of Real Estate Decedent Estate.   [...]

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Safe Deposit Box Certificate of Receipt

There may be a situation where a decedent has stashed away a will or some form of testate document in a safe deposit box. An interested party may be interested in checking the decedent’s safe deposit box to see if there is a will or some testate document available. In order to do that though, [...]

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Order Determining Heirs

When someone files a petition for the court to determine heirs, the court will serve it’s adjudication through an order. This order is known as the Order Determining Heirs. The idea is that within this order, the court recognizes the petitioner as an heir. So while this has limited use, it is nonetheless an important [...]

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Petition to Determine Heirs

An interested person believes he or she has a right to be classified as an heir in the case of a decedent’s estate. Separate from the probate process itself, the individual will need to file something with the probate court to determine the heir status. This form to be filed is known as the Petition [...]

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Request for Notice Guardianship and Conservatorship

In guardianships and conservatorships, an interested person may be on the outside, looking in at all the legal proceedings. However, that interested person wants to be given notice of future proceedings or in the event a proceeding will be filed. That interested person can be given proper notice by filing the Request for Notice Guardianship [...]

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