Appointment of Successor Personal Representative

In probate administrations, the personal representative is working on behalf of a deceased estate. What happens though if the personal representative becomes incapacitated or god forbid, passes away? Should this happen to a personal representative, there is a way to make sure his or her administrative powers and duties are safely transitioned to someone else. [...]

Application for Informal Probate and Appointment of Personal Representative

When opening a probate estate, there are two ways in which one can do so. If it’s believed that there may be some family or recipient dynamics which may come into play over the assets in a deceased estate, one would probably want to fill out a formal application for probate. However, if the family [...]

Petition for Probate and Appointment of Personal Representative

You’re about to open a probate administration, but you’ve been told there’s two ways in which you can open it – a formal and informal way. Knowing the difference between them is critical as to how you go about the probate estate. If there is no real need for court oversight and everything is fine [...]

Selection of Homestead Allowance and Exempt Property

Within a probate administration – before distribution occurs – there is a priority of the spouse and children under certain circumstances to receive assets off the top. This comes before the creditors are informed and distribution occurs. The Selection of Homestead Allowance and Exempt Property therefore, is a very important court document to have in [...]

Notice of Deficiency

Sometimes a piece of paper can represent bad news. Perhaps it’s a pink slip, a note telling a child’s parents that he or she has detention, or in the case of a fiduciary, you receive what’s known as the Notice of Deficiency form. When getting the Notice of Deficiency, it’s never a good thing because [...]

Notice to Spouse of Election of Exemptions, Allowances

When someone has passed away, you as the personal representative need to inform all interested parties. Among this interested party could be a spouse, in which you need to deliver a separate notice. This notice however, is to inform the spouse of his or her rights in the probate process and provides an opportunity to [...]

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