Petition for Supervised Administration

During the probate process, there may be a desire for there to be supervised administration. This could have been part of the will, or it could be petitioned for the best interest of all interested persons. Regardless of the situation, a petition will need to be entered with the court. The form you will need [...]

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Receipt of Property from Conservator

An individual who was under a conservatorship has passed away. The conservator will need to do something with the assets he or she has control of and turn them over. Because of the transition of estates (going from conservatorship to a deceased estate), the personal representative will want to have the Receipt of Property from [...]

Schedule of Distributions and Payment of Claims

The time has come to close the probate estate. As part of the closing of the estate, all of the assets and claims are distributed to the recipients and creditors, respectively. The court will need record of these distributions. That’s why when closing out, the Schedule of Distributions and Payment of Claims will need to [...]

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Order Determining Heirs

When someone files a petition for the court to determine heirs, the court will serve it’s adjudication through an order. This order is known as the Order Determining Heirs. The idea is that within this order, the court recognizes the petitioner as an heir. So while this has limited use, it is nonetheless an important [...]

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Petition to Determine Heirs

An interested person believes he or she has a right to be classified as an heir in the case of a decedent’s estate. Separate from the probate process itself, the individual will need to file something with the probate court to determine the heir status. This form to be filed is known as the Petition [...]

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Order Regarding Petition for Protective Order

An individual is interested in making sure someone’s financial assets are intact. In some instances, you may just want to file for conservatorship. However, there may be an instance where someone wants to file a protective order as well. Filing the Order Regarding Petition for Protective Order will allow the individual to do so. The [...]

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Petition and Order

Many times when someone files a petition with the probate court, that person is drafting the language of the petition from scratch. Drafting from scratch is generally done when there’s a lot that is being requested. For something more narrow or specific, there’s a form which someone can file. On top of that, it can [...]

Statement and Proof of Claim

A creditor is looking to make a claim on someone’s estate. For what purpose and how much varies. However, a creditor can’t just make the request informally and expect to be paid the amount. No, what must happen is that the creditor needs to file the Statement and Proof of Claim form. The Statement and [...]

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When someone has filed a petition to the probate court, they are asking for the court to do something. After the petition is filed, there’s a notice and hearing, which is followed by the court making a ruling. Once the court speaks, the ruling and direction taken going forward is put down on a form [...]

Declaration of Intent to Give Notice by Publication

Upon someone’s death, a personal representative (once appointed) will be tasked to distribute the assets to the Interested parties, according to the will or intestate law. Assume however that there is an interested party who can’t be reached. Their whereabouts are unknown. In case of a situation like this, the Declaration of Intent to Give [...]

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