Will Your Business Die With You?

As warm summer breezes slowly transform into cool Fall days, we begin dusting off the to-do list we started pre-June. For many, it’s weighted by our every-day business needs: preparing for tax season, annual reports, charitable holiday giving, and rearranging our work schedules to better align with our kids’ new school schedules. While I’m sure [...]


It is often stated that the only time an average person appears in the newspaper is upon death. Unfortunately, the average person's fifteen minutes of fame comes in the form of their obituary. “An obituary is, in many cases, a first draft of history. It is a miniature biography, a culture’s recognition of a well-lived life. [...]


Recently, a grief stricken family drove in from out of state to bury their brother.  The family met with a Detroit area funeral home and understood that they had insufficient funds to pay for the funeral home bill that their brother had requested.  However, the family was aware of a bank account that the decedent [...]


The Probate Pro is often asked to find out whether a person has died.  This typically occurs when a personal injury lawsuit is commenced and the lawyer is having difficulty serving a defendant who is presumed to have died.  We can usually find anyone with our subscribed services.  There are also some great free services. [...]

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