Fall Into Estate Planning!

It’s almost unbelievable that this Friday will be the first day of Fall! Although these unusually warm September days make it difficult to believe pumpkin-spice season is already here, chilled Autumn days will be blowing in quickly. Many of us will start settling in with heavy blankets and hot chocolate, and breaking bread over comforting [...]


The Probate Pro has the great privilege of appearing before the probate courts throughout the state of Michigan.  One of the most enjoyable courts to practice in is the Oakland County Probate Court. Our Michigan probate attorney’s have extensive experience handling Oakland County probate cases.  In fact, our main office is located in Oakland County. [...]


As a child, I was never a fast runner.  Despite my best efforts to improve, my lack of the speed gene kept me from winning any races. We have all heard the cliche, "You can't teach speed."  I believe that to be true.  Fortunately, what I lacked in running speed was compensated by the speed [...]


In the past  months my firm has been involved in a rash of probate litigation files in which a family member has attempted to gain control of a personal injury case in which they lacked appropriate priority to become the personal representative.  These brazen attempts have been filed by family members at the behest of [...]


Most personal injury attorneys know that getting to the probate court first is often paramount in securing control of the file.  Usually, my firm’s speed in which we raced to the courthouse is the difference maker.   Speed of filing and creative strategies employed to become the fiduciary are my firm’s specialty. When practicable, my firm [...]