Aretha Franklin died without a will. What does this mean for her estate?

Aretha Franklin - Queen of Soul We learned recently that Aretha Franklin, the late Detroit native and Queen of Soul to millions of her fans around the world, has died without a will. News reports to this effect broke early last week, causing many to wonder how this will affect the vast wealth she accumulated [...]

Trump’s New Estate Tax Bill: What You Need to Know

Unless you have millions of dollars as either an individual (more than $5,500,000) or as a couple (more than $11 million), you may become nauseated at the very thought of a discussion on estate tax. After all, the federal estate tax is only felt by about 1 in 500 American families. However, you should really [...]


This past week, a story was published in the Detroit Free Press regarding a hotly contested case that is now before the Michigan Court of Appeals. As you read the story, it is easy to feel sympathy for the family of Bobby Mardigian who argued that his Will and Trust should be set aside. In fact, it is [...]


An estate plan is not only for the wealthy. Richie Rich will benefit from a plan and so will John Doe. People at all economic levels will benefit. Upon death, a properly prepared plan distributes property based on your wishes and the needs of your family. Creating a plan can be a simple process allowing [...]


Lucky Beneficiaries Receive $100 Million We all dream of that telephone call.  The one in which a lawyer calls you to inform you that a rich long-lost relative died and left you with millions. When Wellington R. Burt died at 87 years old in Saginaw in March of 1919, he was one of the eight richest [...]

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