Fiduciary Proof of Identity

When acting as a fiduciary, the court will need proof. Thus, a Fiduciary Proof of Identity form was created. The Fiduciary Proof of Identity form is something that requires basic information that one should have readily available to them. With this form filled out, you have the proof that you serve in a capacity for [...]

Request for Notice Guardianship and Conservatorship

In guardianships and conservatorships, an interested person may be on the outside, looking in at all the legal proceedings. However, that interested person wants to be given notice of future proceedings or in the event a proceeding will be filed. That interested person can be given proper notice by filing the Request for Notice Guardianship [...]

Notice of Rights to Alleged Incapacitated Individual

A petition for guardianship has been filed and as the person awaits the court hearing, the Guardian ad Litem is required to provide that individual with a notice. This notice, known as Notice of Rights to Alleged Incapacitated Individual, provides the individual with their legal rights before and at the court hearing on the petition [...]

Report of Guardian on Condition of individual with Developmental Disability

Under a guardianship, the guardian for someone with a developmental disability has a legal responsibility to make decisions on the ward’s best interests. Part of being a guardian however also requires them to report to the probate court. The reason is because as part of a guardianship, the probate court will need to know the [...]

Letters of Guardianship of Individual with Developmental Disability

When it comes to guardianship, people generally know about two types – an adult guardianship and a minor guardianship. However, there is a third type of guardianship which applies to a very select group of people. Individuals involved with someone who has a developmental disability have their own Letters of Guardianship form that will need [...]

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