Order Regarding Appointment of Guardian

Following the petition for appointment of guardian in the probate code, the notice of hearing is sent out, servicing the probate process upon interested persons, the court will provide adjudication. It is after this adjudication in which the opinion of the court is reflected by the Order Regarding Appointment of Guardian. The Order Regarding Appointment [...]

Notice of Rights to Alleged Incapacitated Individual

A petition for guardianship has been filed and as the person awaits the court hearing, the Guardian ad Litem is required to provide that individual with a notice. This notice, known as Notice of Rights to Alleged Incapacitated Individual, provides the individual with their legal rights before and at the court hearing on the petition [...]

Report of Guardian on Condition of individual with Developmental Disability

Under a guardianship, the guardian for someone with a developmental disability has a legal responsibility to make decisions on the ward’s best interests. Part of being a guardian however also requires them to report to the probate court. The reason is because as part of a guardianship, the probate court will need to know the [...]

Petition to Allow Account

The Petition to Allow Account is quite the resourceful form. This form makes a request of the court to allow the account that is being submitted. What makes it so resourceful is that it can also be used in a variety of contexts. For example, this same form can be used in a deceased probate [...]

All You Should Know Before Filing Petition for Guardian

Sometimes adults need help taking care of themselves and making decisions. Michigan law allows a judge to appoint a “guardian” of an adult in certain situations where help is needed. The Probate Pro has produced this video to better understand these issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZtoLwl7Ofc   A court-appointed guardian can make decisions for the person who needs [...]

Order of Discharge

The end of your role as conservator, guardian, personal representative, trustee or power of attorney is near. One of the final forms in probate, which we are going to cover, is the Order of Discharge. This document says to the court that you have completed all the responsibilities for the interested parties and you are [...]

What is a Letters of Guardianship?

You want to become the guardian of a loved one, but you don’t know what to do. That’s a pretty common situation people find themselves in when someone they are close with can no longer make important life-based decisions on his or her own. In order to start the process toward becoming a guardian, you [...]

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