Notice of Rights to Alleged Incapacitated Individual

A petition for guardianship has been filed and as the person awaits the court hearing, the Guardian ad Litem is required to provide that individual with a notice. This notice, known as Notice of Rights to Alleged Incapacitated Individual, provides the individual with their legal rights before and at the court hearing on the petition [...]

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Five Steps To Become A Conservator

As part of The Probate Pro's legal services, we can help those who are of or are in need of a conservator. If you know what a guardianship and guardian are all about, a conservatorship and conservator are relatively similar. Whereas a guardian will make important life decisions based on the best interest of an [...]

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Guardian vs Guardian ad Litem – What’s the difference?

Michigan probate attorney Darren Findling has been practicing probate as The Probate Pro for 25 years. The Probate Pro practices and provides probate related legal services. One of the probate services here at The Probate Pro we provide is guardianship, which is useful for individuals in need of someone looking over them and making important [...]

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What is a Guardian Ad Litem?

When would I encounter a Guardian ad Litem? Let’s say you’re in court as the Personal Representative of your loved one’s estate and you have everything ready to go. You have your letters of authority, an inventory in hand, and you are about to petition the court to get approval to sell some real property. [...]

What is a Guardianship?

What is a Guardianship? When a person lacks the understanding or ability to make or communicate informed decisions relating to their care, medical needs, and placement, the individual may need the help of a guardian. A guardian is appointed by the probate court at the request of a concerned person (the petitioner). Common petitioners include [...]

Fall Into Estate Planning!

It’s almost unbelievable that this Friday will be the first day of Fall! Although these unusually warm September days make it difficult to believe pumpkin-spice season is already here, chilled Autumn days will be blowing in quickly. Many of us will start settling in with heavy blankets and hot chocolate, and breaking bread over comforting [...]

Conservatorships and Guardianships: Who Can They Help?

When we think about guardianships and conservatorships, we often picture the elderly or minor children. But these protections aren’t just for assisting people at polar ends of the aging spectrum. Conservatorships and guardianships can be a solution for anyone of any age with dependency issues, disabilities, and/or mental illness. Opioid Nation: An American Epidemic Local [...]


With wedding season upon us, it’s easy and fun to get caught up in all of our loved ones’ true love. Wedding after wedding, we watch numerous couples dance down the aisle on their way to forever. Everything seems all wedding cake and butterflies in the moment, but then life happens. From Kim Kardashian’s 72-day [...]

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