Demand for Professional Guardians and Conservators is on the Rise

As the Baby-Boomer generation ages, many of them do not have someone in their lives to act as a guardian or conservator if the need arises. Que the professionals! In these types of cases, it is not uncommon for attorneys or social workers to be appointed for these roles, although a professional guardian can be [...]

Trump’s New Estate Tax Bill: What You Need to Know

Unless you have millions of dollars as either an individual (more than $5,500,000) or as a couple (more than $11 million), you may become nauseated at the very thought of a discussion on estate tax. After all, the federal estate tax is only felt by about 1 in 500 American families. However, you should really [...]

Conservatorships and Guardianships: Who Can They Help?

When we think about guardianships and conservatorships, we often picture the elderly or minor children. But these protections aren’t just for assisting people at polar ends of the aging spectrum. Conservatorships and guardianships can be a solution for anyone of any age with dependency issues, disabilities, and/or mental illness. Opioid Nation: An American Epidemic Local [...]


It is very difficult to live an entirely debt-free life. Purchasing big-ticket items is a way of life (think homes, cars, and luxurious vacations) not to mention the things we need to pay for every month, like utilities, insurance, taxes, and medical bills. We do our best to pay off all of our debts, but [...]

The DL on POAs

With numerous acronyms in the probate world, it is easy to get confused as to what legal professionals are referencing.  One of those troubling acronyms is POA, which stands for “power of attorney.” Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives another person, who is often called an “agent,” the authority to act on [...]


We are excited to share the information below on Special Needs Planning, which was written courtesy of our guest blogger Paul who is serving as a summer law clerk at our office. What is a Special Needs Trust? My older brother is autistic and will be dependent upon my parents for the remainder of their [...]


The Why So, why do you need a trust? Well, the answer is like the answer to many legal questions: “It depends!” In order to determine whether you need a trust, you must consider your specific estate planning needs or, in other words, which arrangement provides you the most favorable cost-to-benefit ratio. Recall that a [...]


It’s a gloomy day in the city as cold raindrops splatter and heavy breezes push people in every direction. An elderly man’s face is wet and his gray hair is messy after a slow walk from his car to the bank. Finally, he makes his way to the bank teller and tells her that he [...]

No Blog This Week?… April Fools!

With April Fool’s Day on Saturday, you may want to be on the lookout for suspiciously sudden news, weird mannerisms, and/or funky smelling foods. Everyone knows a beloved prankster who just can’t help it but to spend the entire week plotting the ultimate prank. Maybe you know her. Maybe you are him. Maybe you [...]

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Tax Filings for Fiduciaries: What Are Your Filing Obligations?

Remember the old adage, “There are only two certainties in life: death and taxes”? The bad news is that there is some truth to it. The good news is that we can help you with both. Most people believe the requirement to file taxes dies when you do, but that could not be further from [...]