Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult

To our frustration and dismay, we’ve all answered the phone, expecting to be greeted by a legitimate caller. Instead, we’re greeted with spam from a living individual or a pre-recorded voice message. These are usually fraudulent callers who appear or sound genuine. They offer something of value to you, but in the end, will try [...]

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Unclaimed Property: How Do I Apply?

This has probably happened to you: You wake up ready for the day. You're walking to the office and then all of a sudden you pull money out of your pocket unexpectedly. That's the makings of a great day. Of course, that's something you already had in your possession. What about property not in your possession? [...]

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What Can I Do with these Uncashed Checks?

When someone passes away, there may have been money which they had in their possession, but never cashed in the check - like what happened with the late Aretha Franklin. It was recently discovered that the late Queen of Soul had uncashed checks accumulating to at least a million dollars. Surely this isn't your everyday [...]

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Funeral, Burial Expenses and the Estate

Funeral and burial expenses are things you just don't like to think about. If not the expenses, then at the very least, you don't like it because you're saying goodbye to someone you've loved or cared for greatly in your lifetime. If those don't even move the needle, then think about this: the decedent's estate [...]

Small Affidavit: What is it? How is it done?

Sometimes a probate is not big - in fact there are times when the probate is small. For those in need of gaining access to a small bank account or asset, there is something called a Small Affidavit. It's a process that exists throughout many states within our country. The Small Affidavit exists in Michigan, [...]

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Caregiver Agreement: A Game Changer

Written by Brandon Thomson   It happens quite often. A child or family member ends up caring for their parent or loved one who needs long-term care assistance. Most of the time, the caregiver is doing it out of the goodness of their heart. Mentioning that the caregiver could get paid to care for their [...]

Three Things to Consider when choosing a Conservator

Not too long ago, we took a look at five things people should consider when choosing a guardian. This week, we’ll discuss three things people should consider when choosing a conservator. A conservator is responsible for handling an individual’s financial accounts and statements, making sure the individual needing conservatorship has nothing to worry about. With [...]

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How Luke Perry’s Estate Preparation Prevented Drama

The world was shook last week with the passing of Luke Perry. A beloved television actor, Perry suffered a massive stroke, which led to him being put into a medically-induced coma. Sadly, Perry passed away several days later. No matter who you are – a television actor or a construction worker – you need to [...]