Petition and Order for Reinstatement

A notice of deficiency was handed out some time back, informing the fiduciary that he or she was not able to fulfill their responsibilities. Because of this, they were suspended or removed as the fiduciary. Let’s say however that the fiduciary were to be reinstated. Can this be done? Our probate court system allows fiduciaries [...]

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Bond of Fiduciary

If you're serving as the conservator, personal representative, guardian or trustee and you're at risk of doing something wrong - whether it's theft, misappropriation or just breaching your duties in that fiduciary role - the court wants to make sure that there's a guarantee. A guarantee of that performance, so how do you do this? [...]

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Fiduciary Proof of Identity

When acting as a fiduciary, the court will need proof. Thus, a Fiduciary Proof of Identity form was created. The Fiduciary Proof of Identity form is something that requires basic information that one should have readily available to them. With this form filled out, you have the proof that you serve in a capacity for [...]

The Role of a Fiduciary in Litigation

A lawsuit is going to be filed on behalf of a minor or incompetent individual, or against a minor or incompetent individual. What do you do? In the State of Michigan, there are specific rules designed around what happens if the plaintiff in an action needs protection in the form of a fiduciary, whether it’s [...]

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