Order for Administrative Closing Conservatorship

Sometimes conservatorships do not go the way they should. For example, a conservator could be failing to uphold his or her responsibilities as one. If this happens, the conservator can be removed from his or her position by filing the Order for Administrative Closing Conservatorship to the probate court. The Order for Administrative Closing Conservatorship [...]

Minor Conservatorship – Final Account

A minor conservatorship oversees financial assets for an individual who under the age of 18. When that minor turns 18 however, they are entitled to the financial assets that were part of the minor conservatorship. When this happens, the conservator will need to be ready to distribute the assets over to the now former-minor. To [...]

Petition to Terminate or Modify Conservatorship

For those in need of modifying or terminating a conservatorship, you will need to file something known as the Petition to Terminate or Modify Conservatorship. With this form, you will fill out the information related to the conservator and make a request to the court to either modify or terminate the conservatorship. The Petition to [...]

Court Order for Allowance of Account

After the petition requesting the allowance of an account is filed, there will be a scheduled hearing, an adjudication and then a court order. To save time and prepare in advance, people should consider utilizing the Court Order form around the time they are filing petition. This form simply requests the court judge to sign [...]

Petition to Allow Account

The Petition to Allow Account is quite the resourceful form. This form makes a request of the court to allow the account that is being submitted. What makes it so resourceful is that it can also be used in a variety of contexts. For example, this same form can be used in a deceased probate [...]

Petition for Appointment of Conservator

When looking to establish a conservatorship or protective order in a protective proceeding, there is a form which you will need to fill out and file with the probate court. This State Court Administrative Office form is known as the Petition for Appointment of Conservator. The Petition for Appointment of Conservator form can be found [...]

Petition Regarding Real Estate

When selling property in probate court, there are two ways to go about it, which depends on the estate itself. If you are a conservator looking to sell property of a living person’s estate, you will need to complete a form known as the Petition Regarding Real Estate. This is a State Court Administrative Office [...]

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