Notice Regarding Attorney Fees

The Notice Regarding Attorney Fees (PC 576) form is a mandatory form for when an attorney has been retained or hired by the probate personal representative. What does this form mean though? Let's go through the form. After filling in your county and file number, court address and phone number, we are on our way [...]

Amy Peterman Appointed as Director of Legal Services

The Probate Pro, PLC announces the appointment of Attorney Amy Peterman as the Director of Legal Services. Effective immediately, Peterman will oversee the strategic growth and development of The Probate Pro’s legal team, among other things. “When we were looking to hire our Director of Legal Services, we searched for someone who had a specialized [...]

Five Steps to Take When Served With a Lawsuit

Receiving a summons or a complaint in the mail regarding a new lawsuit can be rattling, to say the least. Notification of any sort of civil litigation can be daunting, but following these five steps will assist you in relieving any concerns. 1. Read the summons carefully The first thing to do if you [...]

What to look for when Googling the best probate lawyers

When you Google “Top 10 Best Probate Lawyers” or “Top 10 Best Plumbers”, you’re essentially getting a list of the same thing: companies and people who have paid to be found on the top of search engine lists in order get traffic to their website(s). Sites such as Thumbtack, Angie’s List, and LexisNexis, use terms [...]

Why do Lawyers Talk so Funny? We Keep it Simple.

In our professions, we likely have industry-specific terms. For example, in marketing, you may be familiar with the acronym "SEO," which stands for search engine optimization. SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a [...]

Wayne County Probate Court Attorney Training Materials 

1(833)PROBATE For many probate attorneys in training, court can be a daunting process. Those especially unfamiliar with court may lack comforting experience and need a place to begin their preparations. The Wayne County Probate Court Attorney Training Materials is just the place for a new attorney to begin. Before diving into the technicalities of the [...]

Estate plan: is it a big deal to not have a will?

It seems like that with each passing day, we learn about a celebrity or famous figure who died without a will. Is it a big deal? The answer depends on the circumstances. When creating an estate plan, you'll be able to control how you want your affairs and life's assets to be taken care of. [...]

Five Reasons Why You Need a Probate Attorney

While at a recent party with friends and family, I discovered how many people had misconceptions about the probate process and what a probate attorney can do. Many of the people I spoke with had preconceived notions about what would actually happen to their estate after they pass, such as only needing a piece of [...]

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