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FAQ – Camp Lejeune Probate

What is Probate? The process of administering a deceased person’s affairs. Why do I need to open a probate file? When someone dies and there is a lawsuit, in most states a person must get appointed by the probate court to have legal standing to pursue the lawsuit. “The decedent didn’t own anything. There is [...]

Probate Meaning

What is the meaning of the word Probate. The Probate Pro receives hundreds of telephone calls and email each week. And during these communications, there is one word's meaning that causes tremendous confusion. What is that word? Yes, you got it... PROBATE So, what the heck is Probate? https://youtu.be/pfp9_m6ks4g Probate Meaning - Definition So, let’s [...]

Death Certificates Michigan

Death certificates in Michigan are an official, legal document which performs a variety of roles. It states when a person died, declares the date and location of death, and the cause of a person's death. Interestingly, the use of death certificates did not become a standard model for confirming deaths in the United States until [...]

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