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WHAT IS PROBATE AND WHAT IS PROBATION? People are often confused about the difference between Probate (as in Wills) and Probation (as in being release from jail with conditions).  Each day, people mistakenly call the Probate Court when in fact they mean to be calling their Probation officer.  I can understand people’s confusion. They sound [...]

Lawyer Improperly Charges Estate

A local attorney entered into an attorney client relationship to conclude the probate of an estate without executing an attorney fee contract with the client.  The only work the attorney performed was to simply file a closing statement for the previously opened estate.  The attorney closed the estate without resolving a valid outstanding claim with [...]

Computing in the Cloud

Apple recently announced that it was finally entering the “cloud” space with a service that allows for the storage of music files over the internet rather than on a local computer.  This was big news because of the sheer volume of persons that use iPods and Apple’s iTunes service.  Of course, Apple was not the [...]

Ex-Wife Defeats Mother in Wrongful Death Case

My office was referred by a prominent personal injury firm to gain control of a wrongful death auto accident.  My client, the ex-wife of the decedent and mother of the decedent’s only child, had a strained relationship with her ex-husband.  She sought to become the personal representative of the estate on behalf of their minor [...]

Ugh! Habeas Corpus in Probate

My firm was retained to represent a guardian and conservator of an out of state matter in which the ward was placed by the fiduciary in a rehabilitation facility in Michigan.  A non-family member, allegedly on behalf of the ward, filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus seeking to release him from the facility. Habeas Corpus [...]