I am a lover of food, writing, and humor. For all those reasons and more, Anthony Bourdain was my hero: traveling around the world, experiencing the flavors of many different cultures and cuisines, and doing so with wit to boot.

Bourdain rose to stardom from humble and troubled beginnings, having been a user of several dangerous drugs at a young age. He managed to free himself of his addictions through food and writing, beginning with his 2000 culinary literary hit, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. He also served as executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles in Manhattan.

However, Bourdain is best known for his public persona and his many television programs, including No Reservations on the Food Network and Parts Unknown on CNN. In these and other programs, Bourdain showed a great passion for street foods, especially those that might seem unusual or unappetizing to our modern American tastes. His exploits have taken him to Libya, Peru, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and other far-flung countries, but he also shone a light on more local fare, including street food in Los Angeles and New Jersey.

Anthony Bourdain was tragically found dead on Friday, June 8 in his hotel room in France where he was filming an episode of Parts Unknown. He leaves behind a classic American success story: a man with a troubled beginning who rose to prominence and success. He is survived by a daughter, Ariane.

It’s too soon to know if Anthony Bourdain had his estate plan in order, but we hope that he did. Not having an estate plan can leave behind a probate mess for your loved ones to have to sort out after your passing. Make it easy on them and save them money by planning ahead. They will thank you for it!

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Written by Zachary Trosch.

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