As a guardian, you are responsible for many obligations on behalf of the ward. The yearly timeline of a guardianship opens with the petition to establish a guardianship and concludes with the annual reporting requirement. According to MCL 700.5215 and court rule MCR 5.409, the guardian has 56 days from the anniversary date of the appointment to file the annual report of guardian using form PC-634.

Mich. Court Rule 5.125 dictates who shall receive the annual report of guardian be served on the ward, as long as they are over fourteen years of age, the person who has principal care and custody of the ward, and the spouse and adult children or, if no adult children are living, the presumptive heirs of the individual.

When the annual report of guardian is filed, the report shall state whether the guardianship should continue in the opinion of the guardian.  The court will then determine whether you should remain as guardian for the upcoming year. If the individual has passed, or is no longer in need of guardianship, the court may consider terminating the guardianship.

For some, depending on the circumstances of the ward, completing the annual Report is intuitive, but for others it can be quite confusing and daunting. We understand that with every guardianship comes unique circumstances. Whether you have experience as a guardian, or have never heard the term until now, the most vital step is to be sure you have competent and skilled legal counsel.

Form PC-634, can be found at the probate court, online, or we can provide it to you, free of charge, at The Probate Pro. If you have any questions about acting as a guardian, or about guardianships in general, call us at (833)PROBATE or visit us at