The Probate Pro, PLC announces the appointment of Attorney Amy Peterman as the Director of Legal Services. Effective immediately, Peterman will oversee the strategic growth and development of The Probate Pro’s legal team, among other things.

“When we were looking to hire our Director of Legal Services, we searched for someone who had a specialized knowledge of probate law, with an unparalleled expertise in the scope of the practice,” said Darren Findling, president of The Probate Pro. “Amy’s vast experience with complicated probate matters and her success in the courtroom far surpass those of other practicing attorneys today. We are very excited to be able to bring her into this new role within our practice.”

As Director of Legal Services, Amy Peterman will lead, manage and hold accountable the entire legal team of The Probate Pro. She will also assist in the execution of The Probate Pro’s strategic plans for growth. This includes ensuring that The Probate Pro is on track with the company’s vision and future plans. Peterman has been part of The Probate Pro since early 2017 and has already been working alongside with The Probate Pro, promoting the firm’s core values and goals.

For Peterman, this new role is a culmination of the work she has been engaged in throughout her successful career. “To date, I’ve been privileged to have a diverse career with many rewarding experiences,” said Peterman. “Now, I’m excited to help other attorneys with their careers and to be entrusted with the oversight of a team of over 30 attorneys in multiple states.”

For 30 years, Peterman has been practicing law, starting out with her own private practice. In addition to private practice, she also served as president of Walled Lake Consolidated Schools, legal counsel to Michigan Senate and judicial staff attorney to Oakland County Probate Court Judge Daniel A. O’Brien.