Congratulations to our very own Amy Peterman and Andrew Lorelli.  Each recently won an important litigation case for their client in the Probate Court.

Amy Peterman assisted her client in establishing the client’s heirship to her deceased father who passed intestate (without a will).  The personal representative for the decedent, one of his other daughters, represented to the Court that the other was not a natural born child and therefore should not inherit.  At hearing, the client was able to show a mutually recognized relationship and succeeded in having the Court issue an opinion in her favor.

Andrew Lorelli assisted his client in defending a petition to take money away from a beneficiary and award it to the petitioner.  At stake was $150,000.00.  Despite third party recommendation to grant the petition, Andrew Lorelli was able to obtain a complete denial of the petition.

It is important that we make our wishes known by drafting a proper estate plan, but sometimes litigation cannot be avoided.  If you have an issue just remember that Amy, Andrew, and The Probate Pro has your back.