Amidst the joys of arguing politics with friends and family and indulging in a surplus of comfort foods, the New Year can also provoke anxiety and feelings of insecurity. With another year gone and a new unknown in front of us, we often reflect on our past mistakes with a determination to rectify and not repeat.

Be more patient with the kids. Show more appreciation for my spouse. Don’t roll your eyes at that one pesky co-worker. Make amends with the neighbors – even though they’re obviously in the wrong.  

And while we may hit the ground running with these new resolutions, it’s no secret that our good intentions typically fall short of becoming habits. Sure, they may always be in the back of our minds, but that’s typically where they sit, collecting dust of guilt until next year inspires us with another short-lived jolt of inspiration.

But what about the mistakes that we don’t know we are making? The things we do and don’t do, day in and day out, blind to the reality that we are shorting our future selves and loved ones. Don’t you wish you could talk to your future self and ask what you could be doing today that futuristic you would be grateful for? If you could, I bet you would be vigorously scribbling notes and spending your spare time taking action on that advice rather than chasing Pokémon or criticizing the public mistakes of celebrities on reality TV.

While I am not from the future nor Father Time, probate attorneys do spend a lot of time with people who “wish they would have” done this or that, and “didn’t expect this to happen so soon.” Sadly, they find that it’s too late to do anything by the time they visit The Probate Pro. There is no worse feeling than to realize your mistakes after it’s too late, and the consequences are already impacting you and all of your loved ones.

One step that everyone’s (yes, everyone! Young, old, newly married, divorced, parent to a child or a pet) future self would thank them for is to create an estate plan. Because, while we are busy planning our lives with summer vacations, weddings, families, first houses, and all of these exciting anticipations, life happens.

And when it does, will you be ready?

Unless you have an estate plan, the answer is “probably not.” So, in light of the New Year, I urge you to please, please draft an estate plan. Even if this is the only resolution that you keep, I promise that your future self and your loved ones will thank you.

We are here to support you.

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution has never been easier! Simply pick up the phone and call The Probate Pro at 248.399.3300 to schedule a free consultation and ensure a peace of mind, regardless of what 2017 throws at you.

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